Ira Virtanen
I believe that the key to successful training is a supportive atmosphere that allows all curiosities, concerns and insights to be shared in interaction.
-Ira Virtanen-

Persuading colleagues, motivating clients or energizing your team demands good presentation skills to succeed. In this small group public speaking training with Pedacom you will achieve a deeper understanding of presentation skills, get expert one-on-one coaching and comprehensive feedback in a supportive environment. After the course you will be able to regulate your communication before, during and after your presentations to impress different audiences and reach your communicative goals.

The goals of the training are to improve personal presenting skillsto enhance confidence and effective presenting, as well asgive you practical advice for planning and implementing an interactive and successful presentation.

The main subjects of the training will be interactive presenting, presentation techniques and focusing on delivering your message. Participants will learn the role of body language in presentations and skill on how to build an effective presentation. In the training we will analyze demonstration skills when using audiovisual equipment as well as persuasive argumentation. After the training you have improved your skills to create an engaging contact with the audience and to promote a positive impact in different presentations.

Before the training the participants will receive an email questionnaire and information about how to prepare their personal presentation. During the training day the participants will deliver their presentations and receive versatile personal feedback. Each participants' presentation will be videotaped if they wish so. Videotaping is only for the participants' use and benefit to deepen their personal analysis of the presentation.